Just 4 Competitions



Q – How many times can I enter each competition?

A – You can enter each competition a maximum of 25 times. However only 1 free entry per household is permitted. Free entry route must be received 48 Hours before end of competition. Entries received after the cut off will not be eligible for that competition.


Q – How many tickets are available for each prize?

A – Here at J4C we want everyone to have a reasonable chance of winning a prize, therefore for now we are limiting our availability to just 250 tickets per prize. Your odds of winning are therefore 1 in 250 (assuming you answer the qualifying question correctly) & increase for each subsequent ticket you purchase.


Q – Can anybody enter?

A – Entrants must be 18 years old or over and be resident in England. Scotland & Wales. Sorry Northern Ireland but you are not allowed to enter


Q – What if there are unsold tickets at the end of the competition?

A – We will prolong the competition for 14 more days, or until all the tickets are sold, whichever comes sooner.


Q – Is this legal?

A – Absolutely! Prize competitions and free draws are free of statutory regulatory control under the Gambling Act 2005 (the Act). Such competitions and draws can therefore be organised commercially for private benefit and profit.


Q – But isn’t this just a lottery?

A – Actually a lottery is a game based solely on chance. To enter our prize draws requires the participants to answer a question  before entering, therefor an element of knowledge is needed.


Q – What if i get the question wrong?

A – Unfortunately in this case you will need to enter again, we cannot refund incorrect entries as this then invalidates entry criteria.


Q – How is the draw made?

A – Our unique AI assistant “Norman” pulls a number between 1 & 250 from somewhere…even we have no idea where it comes from!


Q – How do I know if I’ve won then?

A – The winner will be sent an email and the result will be published on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. The T&C’s require all winners to submit a photo of themselves with their prize once delivered. These will then be uploaded to our Previous Winners Page


Q – When will i receive my prize

A – All prizes will be sent out within 72 hours of acknowledgment by the winner & will be sent via recorded delivery & require a signature.


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